There are many tutorials out there showing how to style the alignfull and alignwide classes in the block editor. Most of theses tutorials use viewport units (vm) and this leaves one with a horizontal scroll. I know that using overflow hidden on one of the upstream containers hides the problem. But what should you do to actually solve the problem?

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This tutorial is aimed at developers. My thanks to Rich Tabor for his insightful article entitled How to Add Customizer Colors to Gutenberg Block Color Palettes. After a lot of thought on the matter and countless attempts at finding a solution this article steered me in the right direction.

Very rarely do I include colour options in the Customizer in my own themes. There are a number of reasons for this with the main reason being that with these options a user can destroy all my hard work with regards to website accessibility with just a few clicks. Another big reason why I tend to stay away from these things is the degradation in site speed that comes as a result. Creating child themes with a lot of inline css in the parent theme is also not a lot of fun.

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