If you are anything like me you will want to see information about the blogger when you visit a blog you have not visited before. So here I go, a bit about myself and the blog.

About The Blogger

Arnold GoodwayI am a father, a grandfather, ex-programmer, website developer, fly fisherman and photographer. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. We are not going to discuss my age, let’s just say that there was no Internet for a big chunk of my life.

I have done programming in some or other form for many years now. I am semi-retired and I am not very active in the corporate world of IT anymore. The closest I get to programming these days are the websites (mainly WordPress), which I develop for private clients.

I also lecture Mathematics and Accounting at a private college in Pretoria. The lecturing keeps me busy for only about six months a year.

The idea is to retire completely at some stage (hopefully before the end of 2018).

About The Blog

This blog was only started at the beginning of 2018. The idea is for me to share some of my experience in developing WordPress themes as well as getting a few more folks interested in website accessibility.

A further goal for the blog is to give me something to do once I retire completely.

On the blog you will find mostly articles covering WordPress development but occasionally I will post about website accessibility. If your website is not as accessible as you can make it, why is it on the Internet?

Thanks for visiting, I do hope you manage to find something of use on the blog. Please join the discussion in the comments on the articles, I do enjoy exchanging ideas with others.

Should you want to contact me via email you are welcome to make use of the contact page.