The Author

Hi, I am Arnold. I am a web developer living in South Africa. I am not going to say how old I am, let’s just say that there was no Internet for a big chunk of my life. If you have never heard of a WordPress theme called Kubrick, chances are that I am slightly older than you.

I have been involved in IT in some or other way for most of my life. I started off in the heydays of main-frames writing silly little systems in Cobol. As programming languages evolved I was there as the next generation programming languages arrived. Man, I miss those days, it was some ride.

From Kubrick to Gutenberg, what a journey!

When I eventually moved to website development it was just with Notepad and a head full of ideas, nothing else. I started off in WordPress in 2005, WordPress 1.5, I think it was. From Kubrick to Gutenberg, what a journey!  I would imagine that sums up my WordPress story.

Now that I am retired and I have a bit of time on my hands it is time I give something back.

The Blog

If it is free WordPress themes you are looking for you have come to the right place. Here I will not only introduce you to my themes as they become available, I will also provide articles packed full of tips on how to customise those themes to suit your own needs.

I have had themes on the WordPress Theme Repository before but that was a long time ago, all those themes have now disappeared. I am very close to submitting my first theme for review so as soon as it is approved (you will find that I am always very optimistic), full details will appear on this site.

These days it is very difficult to find names for new themes that have not already been taken. This is the reason why all my themes are named in Zulu. My first theme that is in the pipeline is called amaThambo, a Zulu word meaning ‘bones’. That should give you a hint about what this theme is all about.

I am a developer, not a designer, so my themes are not always the prettiest themes around but I can promise you a couple of things:

  • The themes will be well-structured, well coded and will meet all the standards.
  • I will always attempt to  make it as easy as possible for you to add your own fancy designing.
  • The themes will be fully responsive.
  • The themes will be as accessible to everyone as what I can make them.

Website accessibility is a recurring theme you will find mentioned on this site often. I firmly believe that a website that has not even attempted to implement the basics of website accessibility should not be on the Internet at all.

Thanks for visiting.