My themes will differ but a few things will always be the same:

  • The theme will be well-structured, well coded and will meet all the standards.
  • There will be no unnecessary bloat or inline styling to deal with.
  • I will always attempt to  make it as easy as possible for you to customise the theme.
  • The theme will be fully responsive.
  • The theme will carry the accessibility-ready tag.
  • The theme will be free.
  • The theme carries a GNU GPL (GPLv2 or later) license.


Submitted for approval to the WordPress Theme Directory:  11 January 2019. The review was successfully completed on 11 March 2019, now awaiting Accessibility Audit.

My first theme that is awaiting approval for inclusion on the WordPress Theme Directory is Stix.

Stix is a starter theme based on Underscores. Stix is a great learning tool so you do not need tons of experience as a developer to use it. It is the starter theme I use for all the themes I build for clients as well as the free themes mentioned on this site. This theme plays nicely with the Block Editor as well as the Classic Editor. It provides a quick and easy way of building a fully responsive and accessibility-ready theme without much effort.