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Welcome to my blog. If you haven’t realised it yet I am a street photographer. Here I attempt to document the streets of Pretoria, South Africa.

You might not live in Pretoria, or even South Africa for that matter but that does not mean that this blog has nothing to offer you. It is all about the street photography, the photos are the important thing. I hope you can find something here that you enjoy.

To launch a blog, or in this case re-launching an older blog, is not easy. One needs to have some content available just to get started. In the re-launch of this blog I have used five of my favourite photos shot before June 2018.

I added a further six photos that are brand new. These photos have never been published anywhere before this. The plan is to post only brand new photos from here on in.

No comments allowed at the moment due to the high volume of spam comments. Please consider subscribing to the blog to receive notifications of new photos posted to the blog.

Thanks for visiting.

As a web developer I normally make use of my own designs for my blogs. In this case I decided not to re-invent the wheel and I used a WordPress theme developed by someone else. The theme used here comes from Anders Norén. Please visit his page and be amazed at what you find there.

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