I now visit the AChecker site to start the actual accessibility checking. This is just one of the online checkers available, this one just happens to be the one I know best. Most of these checkers come up with similar results so please feel free to use the checker you prefer. On this page you need to set a few options before you continue.

Options to set in AChecker.

Make sure that you select the WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) box. You can also include CSS and HTML validation here but we have already dealt with that. Once you have set the options you can start the check. The checker does not run for too long and the results you are looking for under the known problems tab should be:

Under the likely problems tab you are looking for the following:

Likely problems results from the AChecker.

Everything is going just swell up to now. Now we need to have a look at the stuff under the potential problems tab:

Potential problems results from the AChecker.

Yikes, 203 errors! This is really not as bad as it seems. No automated test can check all accessibility aspects on a page. These are just the potential problems that could exist and each of these items needs to be checked manually. Who said, website accessibility is quick and easy.

Included in these 203 errors there are 5 potential errors for each image on my site. The validator is warning you to check each of the following things for each image:

  • Image may contain text that is not in the Alt text.
  • Alt text is not empty and image may be decorative.
  • Elements may require a long description.
  • Image may be using color alone.
  • Image may contain text with poor contrast.

For every link on the page the checker also requires you to check the following manually:

  • Anchor text may not identify the link destination.
  • Link text may not be meaningful.

Checking the potential problems is really not too big a job.

Please continue to page 4.

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