Additional Tasks

At this stage I have done only a portion of the testing that is required. There are a few other things I have not mentioned as yet.

  • When I validated this sites CSS I only showed the results from the current theme’s style sheet. There are other style sheets on your site added by your plugins. All of these have to be validated. If you cannot get a third-party style sheet to validate you might have to look for a replacement plugin.
  • When I validated the HTML I only showed the results from the home page on this site. Every single page on the site needs to be validated.
  • The same is true for the AChecker and Wave Accessibility results I showed, it is not only the home page that needs to be checked, all the pages need to be checked.

I say again, who said anything about website accessibility being quick and easy?

But wait a minute, we are still not completely finished. Website accessibility is not something you check, correct and then forget about. Every time any content is added to your site there is a chance that all your hard work will count for nothing. Website accessibility is something that should be foremost in your mind from the day you start developing your site right up to the day you retire your site. I always say that website accessibility becomes a part of a blogger’s personality, it is not something we do if we have spare time or when we feel like it.

If you have put your blog on the accessibility path I thank you for your efforts.

Thanks for visiting, let’s hear your input in the comments.

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