Submitted for approval to the WordPress Theme Directory:  11 January 2019. The review was successfully completed on 11 March 2019, now awaiting Accessibility Audit.

I have used Underscores from the day it was first released. As a developer Underscores has saved me many hours of work. I did find that because I was using the same starter theme again and again that I was continually adding the same code to the starter theme. Obviously this meant that Underscores needed a bit more code to serve my purposes. Stix is thus Underscores plus more.

  • The theme is a single or two-column theme. All the features of the Block Editor work in both single or two column mode except for the wide and full alignments, these only work in the single column mode or in the full-width page/post templates.
  • The theme plays very nicely with the Block Editor as well as the Classic Editor.
  • Both the Block Editor as well as the Classic Editor has the same look and feel as the theme. What you see on the back-end is similar to what you will see on the front-end.
  • The theme has a bit more code and styling than Underscores but it is not bloated. It still is a starter theme without the frills like custom actions and hooks. The code is simple to understand and it is well commented. The theme is not a parent theme.
  • A full SASS template to make changing fonts and colours a lot easier. The SASS template has been setup to match the table of contents in the style sheet. This makes finding the correct .scss files a lot easier.
  • The theme is fully responsive as well as being accessibility-ready.
  • All code meets the all the requirements of the Theme Check and Theme Sniffer plugins.
  • The standard WordPress functionality e.g. custom background, custom header, custom menu, custom logo, sticky post, threaded comments and featured images have all been included in the theme.
  • There are 6 widget areas (main sidebar, 3 footer widgets and 2 single page widgets).
  • There are basic Customizer options included sporting a custom text radio button Customizer option. The Customizer options can easily be extended.
  • The theme has 2 menu positions (primary and footer menus).
  • Full RTL-language-support.
  • The theme is translation-ready.
  • The FitVids script improves responsiveness.

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