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All my themes will be submitted to the WordPress Theme Repository. Once the themes have been accepted into the repository, support queries for the relevant theme can be submitted to the WordPress Forums.

WordPress Forums

I would imagine the official forums would be the place where most support queries will be handled. Please keep in mind that even though I attempt to get to the forums as often as I can I do not live on the Internet, I will get to your queries as soon as what I possibly can.


This blog is also a way of having your support queries answered.

As users ask questions that I think could be of interest to a few different people I will attempt to answer the query in the form of a little tutorial and publish it here. The idea behind all this is to eventually have a library of tutorials to which I can simply refer users to when they have queries.

If I do not quite answer your specific questions in my articles please feel free to make use of the comments to request further assistance.

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